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About Us

kitchen crew_copy1We always try to eat healthy and often have very specific nutrition needs to achieve a given fitness, health, or performance goal. Since our weekdays as business owners and parents are so full, Ellen used to spend most of Sunday afternoon and evening grocery shopping, cooking, and packaging next week’s meals. Far too often, the dishes would linger ’til Monday.

Dwayne changed our lives by suggesting we purchase prepared meals. Sundays were reclaimed for family time and our sink never looked better! Unfortunately, those purchased meals were lacking in quality and variety. We knew we could do better… so we did!
                           - Dwayne & Ellen Fowler 

Dwayne & Ellen Fowler are both certified nutritionists with vast experience in fitness and business. We also own Black Sheep Fitness (formerly 'CrossFit830') gym in Fredericksburg. Dwayne does personal training, is a USAW certified weightlifting coach, and received his nutrition training from Parrillo Performance. Ellen received her nutrition certification from NESTA and is an owner at her family business, Vintage Woodworks. Then, there’s that time we opened a teen night club, but that’s a different story!

We are pleased to have Executive Chef Thomas Aleman at Fit Meals Rx. He brings with him a well-rounded background in the food industry, from working at established, award-winning fine dining restaurants to supervising the Nutrition Services department at a hospital. Although he enjoys the decadent cuisines created in a restaurant kitchen, he has adopted a healthy lifestyle since working at the Hill Country Memorial Hospital in Fredericksburg, even losing 30 lbs himself. Chef Thomas is excited to showcase his unique talent of making healthy ingredients taste delicious.