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Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need to return my containers?

No, we cannot reuse the containers. Please reuse, recycle, or toss. 


Do I need to return my insulated bags and ice packs?

Yes, please return your clean bags and ice packs the following Sunday at your pickup location. There is a $10 fee per unreturned bag. 


How long will my meals stay fresh?

We work hard to ensure that your food will stay fresh all week. However, there are certain meals, such as fish, that we suggest eating early in the week. This will be specified on the menu that is inside your bag with your food.


Can I freeze my meals?

Yes, you can freeze your meals but we suggest to freeze sturdier meals, such as soups and enchiladas, and to not freeze salads, fruit, etc. For extra freezer protection place the entire meal container in a freezer bag. Your meals can easily be frozen up to two weeks.


How long do I heat my meals?

Heating time will vary based on meal type, size, and on your microwave. We suggest starting with 1.5 minutes. Before microwaving, crack or remove the lid. Do not microwave the sauce/dressing containers as those ramekins can melt.



If you have any other questions feel free to contact us.



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