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Phase 1 - Accelerated Weight Loss Meal Plans

(Based on Regular Carb Taper Menu)


About This Plan

This is a short-term, reduced calorie and reduced carbohydrate plan to jumpstart your weight loss results or blast away those last few stubborn pounds! It includes our standard menu for our Regular (Carb Taper) plan for Breakfast and Snacks, but you will eat the standard Dinner for Lunch (to further reduce carbs & calories) and a Shake for Dinner. Therefore, think of this plan as our "Dinner for Lunch & Shake for Dinner" plan to help you remember the differences! We recommend you do Phase 1 for 2 weeks and then transition to Phase 2, but our nutritionist is available to discuss the proper schedule for you!


Protein Shakes

Our Proprietary Protein Shake is made with high quality, gluten free Micellar Casein protein. We prefer casein over whey protein for evening consumption because it is a slow-digesting protein that will release through the night to keep your metabolism active. It's available in Chocolate, Vanilla, or a Variety of both. It's packaged as a dry powder that you will blend with Almond Milk (we suggest unsweetened vanilla almond milk) or water. Additional mixing instructions & shake ideas included in your order!


Recurring vs One-time Orders

In addition to selecting a size below, you will also be choosing if this is a one-time order or if you prefer a recurring order. If you select recurring (buttons in the left column), we will automatically cook for you each week and bill you every Monday for the following Sunday's meals. You will get a reminder to edit your cart (if you want) or skip each week, and there is absolutely no contract. If you ever don't edit your cart, you will still get meals! If you choose one-time instead (buttons in the right column), you will receive text reminders each Sunday & Monday to order again, but you will have to take action. If you do not place an order by Monday night, you will not have meals the following Sunday.


Select a portion size button to view & select menu items!



Recurring Order:
One-time Order:
Small (Recurring)    Small     (One-time)

1050-1150 Calories/day.

3 oz Protein/meal


Medium (Recurring)

Medium (One-time)

1400-1500 Calories/day.

5 oz Protein/meal






Large (Recurring)    Large     (One-time)

1875-1975 Calories/day.

7 oz Protein/meal






X-Large (Recurring) X-Large (One-time)

2300-2400 Calories/day.

9 oz Protein/meal